Mac Pro Build – 2. Buying a old Mac Pro Tower

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Buying a old Mac Pro can be very tricky.

Source : Apple, Inc. (Early 2009 Mac Pro)

It is a old hardware but it is kind of pricey.

One of the best place to buy a old Mac Pro is Ebay.

The Mac Pro 2009 (4,1) with single processor usually priced between 200~400 without shipping

The Mac Pro 2009 (4,1) with dual processor price from 400 to all the way up to 700.

Before you click “BUY” button there are few things to make sure

  • Does it include original Graphics Card (GPU)

there are some Mac Pros with CPU, Ram and GPU upgraded and it is fine, but if the GPU been upgraded then make sure it comes with original GPU otherwise you will lose the boot screen, and sometimes it can be critical.

  • Does it have all the HDD caddies

The Mac Pro come with 4 HDD Caddies which hold the hard disk in place. I found lots of Mac Pros on the Ebay have listed without those caddies. It might be okay to not have one or two caddies but you want at least 2 or more. If you are planning to saturate those HDD Bays then make sure all the caddies are come with the Mac Pro. It is really dangerous to assume anything when you buying on the Ebay. If it is not specified on the post then ask seller for more detail. 

  • Does it fully functional (Include I/O Port)

You want to buy a computer that is fully functional, include rear I/O that are USB ports, audio ports and ethernet port. if any of those ports are not functional don’t hesitate to walk away. You will need most of the ports. However, Firewire is old interface and if that is the only thing that doesn’t work and all other ports are working then you can add it to your watch list. 


Those are the three main point you have to look into it before purchase a old used Mac Pro on Ebay. 

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