Mac Pro Build – 3. My Mac Pro 4,1 (2009)

Welcome to CS With James

This is My new Mac Pro 4,1 (2009)

I was so lucky that I could get the well used Mac Pro.

I spend 2 weeks to do the research and finding one.


This Mac pro have been upgraded by previous owner.

  1. CPU – Westmere X5690 – It is a fastest CPU that this Mac Pro can support. 6 physical cores and 12 logical cores at 3.46GHz
  2. RAM – 16GB ECC Ram – This machine comes with 4-6GB of ECC Ram but previous owner put few more sticks in there and could easily made it 16GB. Of course to can expand more but this is the right amount that I need
  3. SSD – Intel 240GB – SSD is the best upgrade that you can do. However, it will bottle neck with the SATA II interface, but it is still faster than the stock HDD.

Of course I am planning to upgrade even more.

  1. GPU – GTX 1060 or 1070 – Best Nvidia GPU for get started with Deep Learning, If you want to buy the 1060 then look for 6GB version, never buy the 3GB version. If you cannot afford both of them, then buy the 1050 Ti 4GB version it will be better in Deep Learning.
  2. SSD – Put one more – One SSD will bottle neck with SATA II interface but I can throw one more SSD and make it Raid 0. It is not the safest way of using computer but it can increase the speed significantly.

Thanks for the previous owner, he already flashed it into 5,1 Version, so I didn’t have to flash the system, I could install the High Sierra out of the box. However, in order to install the High Sierra you have to have the Sierra installed in your Mac. The Firmware update doesn’t work on the other OS Version. 

I Installed two identical SSDs and configured in RAID0 for the maximum speed, however I failed to install the MacOS, so I ended up buying a PCIe to SATA III converter to handle the speed of the SSD. After that I could install the MacOS without any problem and it is up and running.

I ended up with buying a 1080 Ti. The GPU is on the way so I will make a separate post for it and I have to clean it up. Mostly in good shape but there are some dust in the machine.

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