Why Mining on MacOS is Bad Idea

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After I bought the Mac Pro and install the 1080 Ti for Deep Learning, I been mining the ZCash with one 1080 Ti for GPU to pay for itself after few months. And today I want to discuss about why it is a bad idea to mining on Mac OS.

Low Hashrate or sol/s

Single GTX 1080 Ti can easily makes about 700 ~ 800 sol/s depends on OC. I didn’t expect to get 800 sol/s OOTB but I was expecting to get around 650 sol/s. I was completely wrong. The GTX 1080 Ti on MacOS it is making 550 sol/s and here is the proof.

You have to see the second column which is the average sol/s for 6 hours and this is the most accurate performance of your GPU while mining. The current calculated Hashrate can fluctuate.

High Power Draw

Since the Hashrate is so low, I was expecting the low power consumption. I was expecting about 250W for entire system. I was completely wrong again. Today I just got my Kill-a-watt and I measured it and it was drawing 380W from the wall for entire system (Idle system except mining). Well, even I am using 12 core server grade CPU and server grade RAM, still I think it is too much power draw consider its hashrate.

No option for OC

Windows users can easily OC or UC and even limit the power of their GPU for better performance or better efficiency. However, in the MacOS it is impossible. There is no such tool exist for Mac users. So, even you want the better efficiency it is impossible. The Apple product just works, it just works. 

No Software choice

If you are AMD user and try to mine with OpenCL then it might be better, but for GTX CUDA users it is really hard to find a Software that support the CUDA Mining of the CryptoCurrency that you want to mine. 

Because, the ZCash has a big community and there are some enthusiast made the CUDA enabled ZCash Mac miner. They are supporting the latest CUDA Toolkit which is version 9.0 so it did really surprise me but it is true that it is the only choice for me.


Switching the OS?

Not at the moment. Actually I am considering dual boot my Mac with Ubuntu, but I am still looking for the best way of doing so because seems like the boot camp only support Windows.

This computer is not for mining, this is for my daily use. I am even writing this post with my Mac Pro running the mining on the background. Therefore, I need the MacOS for daily driver and the mining is just a part-time.

Keep mining?

Yes, I will keep mining with my Mac Pro with single GTX 1080 Ti. Even the hashrate is way lower than other OS but still I am making some money out of the GPU. Therefore, I will keep mining with my 1080 Ti.


So, for these reasons mining on MacOS is really bad idea. If you want to mine for full-time you definitely want to use Windows due to the all the tools available on Windows. However, if you are part-time miner and if you are okay with low efficiency and just want GPU to pay for itself, then mining on MacOS is just fine.